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@ Meter Room: Different kinds of demise.

Different kinds of demise.

Coventry Transport Museum

When I was leaving, the woman on reception who told me that the postcards were free, asked me if I’d enjoyed the exhibition; I said I felt desperately sad and she told me that the staff call the room in which the decline and closure of the car manufacturing works is documented, where the walls bear quotes from the workers who lost their livelihood and news reports of the time are broadcast, matter of factly, from speakers installed on the rooves of the cars, sounding the death knell of an industry and a community, the Ghost Room.

Suddenly the beautiful cars and motorbikes lined up, gleaming and proud, emblems of classic design and collaborative effort, displaying their lineage like stabled thoroughbreds seem like nothing more than corpses in a mausoleum. Spectral signifiers of failed promise; beautiful and seductive phantoms.

Later, the brochure I bought has a page entitled ‘Ghost Town’ and three paragraphs airbrush the death of Motor City UK.

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