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@ Meter Room: Sublime Destruction

(De-) Construction Site

I was looking for somewhere I remembered visiting last year - a rundown part of the shopping centre that was just beyond its shiny neighbours. I wandered around in circles until the sound of demolition drew me to the right place. A kind of massive tree, already truncated appeared to be under attack from a vast hammer drill. Brutalised, its branches like severed tentacles, seeming like wiry cartoon extrusions, they revealed themselves as I walked closer to be the arteries of a huge building that was being brought down. I don’t know what they’re called, those connecting, supporting worms of embedded metal that bind concrete but they stuck out angrily against the sky and seemed to flail like small limbs or, like ribbons, flutter. The sound of a different kind of demise was overwhelming, outrageous, and I stood for a while, holding my phone aloft to film the process – it was awesome, exciting, terrible. Sublime destruction.

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